Tales of the Elven Legends

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The Island of Pixel

The characters find themselves in the hill country. They are groggy as if they have been drugged. A small creature is sleeping next to them.

The wizard wakes up first, discovers this creature and questions him. The creature provides little information.

Finding one shoe on himself and one shoe on his warrior partner, the elf pulls the shoe off and drops it on his still incapacitated partner (A Samurai Warrior).

He grabs the creature and carriers him over his shoulder as he wanders around to find his ship.

After a few moments he lets the creature down and the Samurai begins to stir. When he gets up he puts on the other shoe.

The Samurai points his sword at the creature and begins to interrogate him, getting nothing useful from the creature (who appears to ‘skip’ every second step or so), he proceeds to follow the wizard to the beach.

They find the ship on the North shore beach, the main mast has been broken.

Searching the ship they find some spoiled rations and the wizard makes a check to determine that they must have been on the island for a couple weeks.

The Samurai cannot find his sword or armour on the ship or in any of his belongings. They proceed to search the island for his horse, after telling the creature (Skip) that they will need some help repairing the mast.

Skip goes off to get them some assistance. The two player characters attempt to follow Skip, but loose him in the woods.

Their journey seems to take longer than perceived as they traverse through the south and west sides of the island. When they get back, there is a new mast that has been delivered, with workers coming (from a place the players are not aware of) to fix the mast in a few hours. They wait and eventually the mast gets fixed, with a small dwelling at the top for their small friend Skip, who seems intent on joining them if they leave the island.

Perturbed, disturbed and unsettled, the characters attempt to sail away from the island. They have no sailing skills so it takes several attempts to just break free of the shoreline.

Thankfully the Samurai has astrology and can navigate by the stars at night. The wizard can fish, so they are not without food until the one hook (on the ships bait/tackle box) is ripped off by a very large sea faring creature. Skip then utilizes some very impressive diving abilities to tie the fishing line around a sea turtle, giving them a few more days of food.

During this time they see a mermaid, but make no attempts to contact or communicate with it.

On the 9th day of their journey they see a pirate ship going straight for their ship.


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